Assessment and compliance helping PG&E meet SB Remedies 17 and 19


Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E)






Control Systems

Pacific Gas & Electric needed to have assessed, and bring into compliance as needed, the existing control systems at 44 major transmission stations throughout California, to meet the requirements set forth by SB Remedies (SBR) 17 and 19.

We supported PG&E in meeting SBR 17 and 19 requirements by means of an assessment phase and a compliance phase. Verus was the lead engineer on the project for both phases. The goal of the assessment phase was to determine the sites’ compliance with SBR 17 and 19. The goal of the compliance phase was to implement the necessary changes to bring each site into compliance with SBR #17 and #19.

We supported PG&E towards compliance with San Bruno Remedies 17 and 19, at 44 of its facilities across California.

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