Industrial Cybersecurity

Industrial security threats are on the rise, putting every manufacturer on edge. You may be concerned about cyber security impacts ranging from long periods of downtime and negative customer impact to financial loss and theft of proprietary information. We approach your cyber security from a manufacturing operations perspective. When so much is on the line, you can depend on us to evaluate and ensure the industrial security of all your operations.

Ever since Stuxnet and other worms began appearing, manufacturers have become more aware of industrial security risks and the need to protect against them. The Department of Homeland Security has identified the following improper user permissions and access controls are common industrial control system vulnerabilities: 

  • Improper user permissions and access controls
  • Weak passwords and password policies
  • Poor patch management for ICS security configuration and maintenance
  • Lack of network segmentation, functional demilitarized zones and firewalls
  • Poor logging practices and poor understanding of network architecture

Verus is uniquely positioned to provide industrial security solutions for manufacturing environments. We combine deep technology expertise of control system platforms with industrial security expertise to form a total solution. This means we can provide cyber security for your entire plant floor or SCADA system.

We work with you to make sure your network is sufficiently armored to mitigate the risk of unwanted intrusion. This includes assessments of CADA / DCS security and plant (OT) network architecture reviews.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

It could be that a natural disaster strikes your business – a tornado, hurricane, flood or other catastrophe. This might cause damage to facilities, diminished availability of power and other utilities, supply chain and transportation problems, and reduced staff. 

Or it could be a human-caused problem, such as a cyber attack. The results would be different, but maybe no less harmful to your business. This can include damage to plant equipment and facility management operation, catastrophic loss of data, servers, process automation and network infrastructure. 

Business continuity and disaster recovery (BC / DR) refers to the process of bringing a plant or business back online following a disaster, and how to manage the operation of the business in light of new challenges. 

Whether you are recovering from a fire, explosion, hurricane, cyber attack or other disaster, we’re there for you. We understand that it can be a while before you will be able to focus on your discrete process control areas. After caring for your personnel, your first concerns will most likely include the re-establishment of your infrastructure and stabilization of your equipment and process automation.

Reducing and Eliminating the Effects of Disasters

Many potential disasters can be avoided, and their effects minimized if a problem does occur. We work with you to assess vulnerabilities and then make recommendations. This may include analysis of your existing and planned network infrastructure, control systems and SCADA systems with an emphasis on security and survivability.

Recovering from Disaster

If a disaster does affect your operation, we can respond quickly to help you get your plant up and running again. This can include instrument / control device investigation, instrument calibration, control system validation and remediation, re-engineering and recommissioning of plant and business systems, and supplemental in-house support – and for as long as you need it.

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