Project Business Case Development

Consultative Services

VERUS’s business systems and operational consultants can analyze your business processes and provide actionable insights for streamlining the flow of business information to realize measurable benefits. 

The key to success lies in the combination of people, processes and technology. We work with you to ensure that the requirements for your targeted process automation technology implementation produce the desired results — from the plant floor to the boardroom — and that the business and operational processes are in place to support the implementation. 

With team members who have decades of experience in process automation, VERUS provides expert manufacturing consulting services to resolve your growing pains and headaches with immediate, effective process automation solutions. 

Our consulting team can help you identify and eliminate the specific operational constraints that impact your profitability, such as distribution inefficiencies; outdated, underutilized or inappropriate equipment; capacity bottlenecks; organizational resource leveling; manufacturing, scheduling and planning issues; and inadequate strategic vision. We can help you turn your pain points into strengths for your business.

Process Analysis

A clear understanding of plant processes is critical to developing a sound process automation system design with improved plant operation and productivity. The key to this understanding is process analysis, which includes reviewing the P&IDs and plant operating data, and then gathering input from operations personnel through key interviews. 

This analysis uncovers the key operating goals and targets and the important product quality variables, as well as the constraints, limitations and bottlenecks that challenge operators. The best process automation system designs create the tools that empower operators to overcome the challenges and meet key goals and targets. VERUS’s process control engineers apply sound process analysis on all process automation projects.

Strategic Engagement

Automation Strategic Consulting Services

A strategic engagement with VERUS is a great way to start laying the foundation that will help you gain and maintain significant competitive advantage.

We provide automation strategic consulting services through our Enterprise Integration group — services designed to help you identify your business opportunities, figure out how to leverage those opportunities and then get the needed projects off the ground to achieve those benefits. Strategic engagements are short, fast projects, designed to help you quickly identify and then realize measurable business benefits.

VERUS regularly helps clients succeed through strategic engagements — because we focus on true manufacturing strategy, not the tactical elements of project execution.

As a platform-independent systems integrator, we focus on the solutions that will enable financial returns and other true business benefits for your specific organization. We think outside the technology, keeping the focus on your business needs — whether you need help developing a project plan, business case, solution architectures or more.

Every project benefits from our experience at both the strategic and manufacturing levels, as well as the collective expertise of more than 500 manufacturing and systems integration professionals. We know what it takes to apply the people, processes and technology to help your business develop new capabilities so you can change, grow and adapt your business — and remain competitive in a tough marketplace.

Here are some of the ways we can help you through a strategic engagement:

  • Develop solution architectures that meet your business and technical requirements within the context of existing architectures, solutions and systems
  • Partition business requirements into the appropriate applications
  • Articulate, organize and document business and technical requirements — including analysis of functional, operational, and architectural requirements
  • Develop business cases through analysis of the current situation, ROI analysis and determination of where opportunities lie for both hard and soft paybacks
  • Build consensus among stakeholders and get their buy-in on requirements, proposed solutions, architecture, business case and prospective ROI
  • Develop project plans and map out the scope,schedule, budget, resources and risks
  • Perform detailed solution designs
  • Deliver proofs of concept, prototypes,conference room pilots and live pilots — all to prove that a solution,architecture or design will work

Automation Strategic Consulting Expertise

We’ve successfully conducted hundreds of strategic engagements for clients across many industries.

Energy Efficiency

Plant Management Services for Energy Optimization

Plant Management Services for Energy Optimization optimization and utility usage reductions are key to increasing manufacturing profitability and supporting sustainability initiatives. In virtually every industry, energy utilities account for a high percentage of the monthly operating expense.

If your plant is a heavy energy consumer, even if it generates its own steam or electricity, you probably feel enormous pressure to reduce costs by making your manufacturing process more energy-efficient.

VERUS can help identify areas of suboptimal energy efficiency and outline changes in practices, process or technology that will enable improvement.

We provide comprehensive energy optimization consulting — including energy industry management services and energy engineering consulting — as part of our OpCon Advantage service offering.

As part of this, we identify opportunities for energy optimization during the manufacturing process and help you act on them. With years of experience in industrial energy efficiency, we have proven our ability to deliver energy cost reductions for our manufacturing clients.

We’ll evaluate your energy usage and opportunities for utility cost reductions through an energy efficiency study, which includes:

  • Onsite energy optimization evaluation — We’ll review the way your manufacturing systems are operated and maintained. This involves direct observation and interviews with operating and maintenance staff to understand how the facility operates on a daily basis. Then we’ll review the operating data to understand how much energy your plant uses weekly, monthly and annually.
  • Inspection — Our team will inspect your systems and review available documentation to determine adequacy of instrumentation,operating efficiency, controllability and reliability.
  • Testing — We’ll utilize available historical operating data and conduct testing as needed to determine energy efficiencies and the actual flow of purchased / generated thermal and electric energy throughout your facility.
  • Calculation and cost analysis — We’ll analyze the collected data and determine which energy optimization modifications will help save you money, and how much.
  • Documentation — You will receive a report containing a summary of our findings, a detailed cost-benefits analysis and all of VERUS’s expert short- and long-term recommendations for specific improvements that will reduce your energy costs and make your manufacturing process more energy efficient.
  • Energy efficiency change implementation — VERUS stands ready to partner with you as your agent for change, implementing fixed-price projects that accomplish any or all of the recommendations in the energy optimization report.
  • Optimize steam generation, electric power generation and cogeneration energy processes
  • Optimize plant refrigeration (chilled media)generation, distribution and utilization
  • Improve waste heat recovery
  • Optimize plant instrument air and service air generation, distribution and utilization
  • Apply real-time calorimetry and heat rate monitoring in BTU / unit of production for improved industrial energy efficiency
  • Compare the cost of generating power in-house versus purchasing it
  • Optimize the use of thermal heat sinks such as cooling towers, lakes and reservoirs
  • Minimize your carbon footprint through industrial energy reduction

Energy Efficiency Consulting Expertise

Think of how much you currently spend on utilities. Then imagine reducing this amount by 5 percent. Or 10 percent. Or even 20 percent. VERUS’s energy efficiency consulting services make it possible through a proven methodology. 

Regardless of which industry you work in, we can help you improve your overall plant energy efficiency, reduce your operating costs and experience a fast payback. Optimizing energy usage is not only a more responsible way to operate your business, but it will improve your profitability and set you apart in the marketplace.

Automation Strategy

Consulting Services

Whether you face a major expansion, system obsolescence or competitive pressure to increase efficiency, VERUS can develop an automation strategy to help you meet your goals. We provide you with a range of industrial automation strategy services as part of our Operational Consulting offering.

Our automation professionals can consult with you on your control system design, instrument specifications, programming, software development, process simulation and more — developing a sound automation strategy that will support your needs now and in the future.

VERUS is specially positioned to provide industrial automation strategy services for manufacturing environments. That’s because we combine extensive process experience with state-of-the-art technical solutions. As the largest platform-independent systems integrator in North America, we work with all major automation platforms to deliver world-class solutions. And our methodology ensures we deliver a solution that meets your objectives.

  • Define, design and develop an automation strategy that meets your needs
  • Integrate systems across your facility, from the plant floor to the boardroom
  • Improve productivity, quality and more
  • Enhance or optimize your process for maximum efficiency
  • Reduce labor and total cost of ownership
  • Achieve consistent production across multiple facilities
  • Overcome system obsolescence

Automation Strategy Expertise

At VERUS, we have the broad process experience and skills required to integrate a wide range of technology platforms — providing a unique solution to meet your needs. We’ve completed countless automation strategy projects for clients in the following industries: pulp and paper; chemical processing; oil and gas; food and beverage; and power and utilities.

Plant Safety Audit & Risk Assessment Services

Plant Condition Assessments and Safety Audits

Regulatory requirements have become increasingly complex, intensifying the need to protect proprietary information and keep systems well maintained. At the same time, record-keeping and training for safety compliance can be time-consuming and taxing on internal resources.

That’s why organizations look to VERUS  for plant condition assessments and safety audits.​

We partner with you to assess your plant safety needs, and then we audit your current safety controls to identify areas for improvement.

You can depend on us to assemble a team of focused, skilled resources who will develop a long-term plant safety solution specific to your industry and manufacturing process. We apply best practices based on our broad process knowledge and experience across multiple industries.

  • Perform a plant safety assessment through site tours,interviews and document review
  • Benchmark findings to internal safety standards, industry best practices and regulatory requirements
  • Make recommendations to satisfy current regulatory requirements and position you to be prepared for future regulatory changes
  • Deliver the recommended plant safety solution
  • Ensure compliance with OSHA, MSHA, EPA, ANSI, ASTM and other standards

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