Intelligent Manufacturing

MES Integration & Optimization Services

Manufacturing execution systems (MES) are essential for monitoring work in process, but managing this body of data can be difficult. You need to know which information is important and how to use it to improve your operations, but that’s easier said than done.

So, you need a trusted MES integrator. Whether you need to improve efficiency, quality, lot tracking, regulatory compliance or other issues, VERUS has the industry-specific experience needed to achieve your objectives and build business intelligence. 

You’ll get the benefit of our proven track record of increasing manufacturing productivity and yields, while reducing manufacturing material and labor costs and effectively increasing total throughput and productivity. For example, we look for ways to reduce scrap and rework and increase flexibility and improve product mix. We provide help at every stage, from requirements determination, design, development and deployment to long-term support and maintenance — ensuring a solution that improves your profitability.

  • Support all manufacturing execution tasks
  • Enable data collection throughout the shop floor
  • Integrate MES to ERP and other systems
  • Support visibility initiatives such as manufacturing intelligence
  • Integrate MES/MOM systems with supply chain, quality, maintenance, planning and scheduling and warehouse management, etc.
  • Support a seamless IT-enabled manufacturing supply chain
  • Provide MOM systems integration and manufacturing engineering systems integration consulting
  • With VERUS’s help, you’ll achieve your objectives on a precise timeline and with the scalability to accommodate future growth.

MES Systems Expertise

We have years of experience successfully implementing and integrating a range of systems in the manufacturing space. Examples include operations information systems (OIS), batch management and batch execution systems, production planning and scheduling systems and labor management and labor tracking solutions. 

Our team has specific expertise working with Siemens SIMATIC IT Suites, GE Proficy Plant Applications, Wonderware Factelligence™, Rockwell FactoryTalk® ProductionCentre, SAP® Visiprise and MII, and Oracle OPM and MES. 

Beyond the major MES suite products, VERUS also has experience designing solutions that incorporate the right MES functionality from best-of-breed applications. We have specific experience with systems like NWA Quality Analyst®, Savigent Workflow, C3’s Amulet and many others. Leverage our expertise to optimize the value of your manufacturing execution systems.

Recipes and Batches

Batch Control Process Consulting and Services

You can’t achieve product consistency or traceability without the ability to manage your recipes and batches. And you can’t manage recipes and batches without the right information. That’s why you need a source of knowledge and experience that is familiar with the realities of batch process systems. 

Through VERUS, you’ll have access to a range of recipe automation management consulting and batch recipe management services, as part of our Enterprise Integration offering.We recognize that recipe and batch management plays a central role in manufacturing. We make sure not only that the batch is correct, but the related information is collected and available for future use — helping you reduce costs and improve quality. 

To this end, we support the ISA-S88 batch management process with systems integration to create enterprise-wide electronic batch records that support all aspects of the business. And because we’re platform-independent, we’ve become experts at integrating a broad range of  technologies to deliver data in a systematic format throughout your enterprise.

It’s all about helping you produce the product your customers depend on — the right way, every time.

  • Enable access to accurate inventory of all ingredients
  • Enable management of ingredient substitutions and appropriate recipe adjustments
  • Provide traceability of ingredients and batches
  • Support any recall issues
  • Integrate with specification management systems to ensure batches meet proper specs
  • Recommend and implement batch management systems
  • Integrate recipe and batch management systems with warehouse, ERP, LIMs and other quality systems

Recipe Management and Batch Automation Expertise

We’ve successfully implemented and integrated hundreds of recipe management, batch automation and batch control systems for clients in the following industries:food and beverage, consumer packaged goods, dairy, chemical processing and pharmaceutical.  

VERUS’s ERP consulting and implementation services ensure support of all activities in your facility, including purchasing, inventory, sales, distribution, orders,manufacturing, maintenance, scheduling, logistics, and warehousing. Plus, we help at every stage of your ERP project, from requirements definition, design,development and deployment to long-term support and maintenance - ensuring you get a comprehensive solution that integrates all aspects of your business.

  • Optimize the value of ERP systems
  • Integrate ERP systems with other business-level systems and your manufacturing environment
  • Reduce your burden of supporting the ERP system
  • Provide decision support before, during and after implementation
  • Enable streamlined processes that cut across ERP and plant systems
  • Implement next-wave ERP projects that extend system capability
  • Support the manufacturing environment
  • Implement specific manufacturing components of the ERP system
  • Integrate manufacturing components within the existing ERP and manufacturing environments

ERP Consulting and Implementation Expertise

We have years of experience successfully implementing a comprehensive suite of business applications that support the entire manufacturing process,integrating manufacturing into the complete supply chain and into the entire business enterprise. For example, we frequently implement Microsoft Dynamics®AX, SAP® Manufacturing Intelligence and Integration (MII), SAP ERP for Manufacturing, Oracle SOA Suite for Manufacturing and Oracle ERP for Manufacturing. Leverage our expertise to optimize the value of your ERP systems across your entire organization.

ERP for Manufacturing

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

Many companies can install an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for you. But to get the greatest value out of your ERP system, you need a partner who knows how to optimize the software for your particular organization. Whether you’re planning a startup or upgrading existing ERP systems at one or multiple locations, with VERUS you’ll get comprehensive ERP consulting and implementation services.

Maintenance Management

Computerized Maintenance Systems Services and Support

You can maintain your assets without doubling your workload or staff through predictive and preventative maintenance strategies. You just need a partner who can provide the right services and support.  

We provide computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) and other maintenance management solutions as part of our Enterprise Integration offering— all to help increase your uptime and reduce your maintenance costs. 

Maintenance management is your opportunity to leverage computerized maintenance systems,predictive maintenance software applications and best practices in order to reduce your total cost of ownership. Our platform-independent approach ensures that we deliver the best solution for your operations, without bias for any particular technology. 

  • Define and design a plant maintenance management services program that meets your needs and aligns with your process
  • Help you understand the true cost of maintenance
  • Recommend and implement CMMS and other maintenance management tools
  • Integrate reliability centered maintenance (RCM); predictive maintenance; preventative maintenance;maintenance, repair, operations (MRO); and work order management solutions
  • Extract information from your control systems to feed predictive maintenance applications
  • Provide remote 24/7/365 U.S.-based support for your ongoing maintenance needs through our PlantFloor24 solution
  • Leverage our operations engineering consulting team to design a program tailored for your operations
  • Provide manufacturing automated maintenance consulting services

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems Expertise

We’ve successfully implemented numerous maintenance management solutions for clients in the following industries: food and beverage, consumer packaged goods, steel and many others.

Quality Management

Root Cause Analysis and Quality Improvement

Quality management starts with the process controls needed to make your product correctly the first time, every time. And it requires the integration of process data with laboratory or inline test results to inform any necessary corrective actions. Whether you need product genealogy / traceability or you’re looking to reduce scrap and rework, we can help you analyze the root cause of your problems and improve quality. We offer a broad range of quality management system services and solutions as part of our Enterprise Integration offering. 

We start with understanding your underlying process so we know what drives the production of a high-quality product. Then we work with you to integrate systems and direct process control to make the process more efficient and effective. Because we’re platform-independent, we recommend and implement solutions without bias for any particular technology. 

  • Increase first pass and overall product quality
  • Recommend and implement the right quality management systems for your operations
  • Reduce the cost of quality and compliance
  • Support root cause analysis and continuous improvement efforts
  • Enable statistical process control (SPC), corrective and preventive action (CAPA), laboratory information management systems (LIMS) and statistical quality control (SQC)
  • Implement and optimize online and at-line testing systems
  • Quality Management Systems Expertise

We’ve successfully implemented numerous quality management solutions for clients in the following industries: food and beverage, consumer packaged goods, dairy, chemical processing and metals.