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Municipal authorities in Marysville WA, a midsize city in the Seattle area, wanted to provide better solutions to residents through combining the IT control solutions for the city’s water and wastewater services. Previously, Marysville had two separate, stand-alone InTouch applications for water and wastewater. As part of combining the two, Marysville’s leaders also wanted to upgrade their SCADA functionality to System Platform. They brought in a team of professionals who now work with Verus, to make this happen.

We combined the water and wastewater applications into one stand-alone application, including tagname dictionaries, windows and scripts. We set up navigation and security to ensure that correct personnel have access to, and control of, their applicable areas. ArchestrA objects were generated from InTouch tags, allowing for the creation of standard templates and instances that could be imported into a new Galaxy. We modeled the new Galaxy against the logical layout of the plants and the previous Alarm Group structure. The objects were divided up into multiple app engines and deployed across the network with full redundancy of app engines and RDIO objects. We converted all references to the legacy InTouch tags to Galaxy references. Where applicable, we converted the Smart Symbols to ArchestrA graphics. Security was converted from to ArchestrA with a future plan of utilizing Windows Active Directory security. We created new ArchestrA graphics to view and acknowledge alarms and to view historical trends. Additional ArchestrA graphics were added to the InTouch application for platform and app engine status as well as custom RDIO status screens.

We upgraded the historian and integrated it with the new Galaxy, and existing data was converted to the new System Platform standards. To reduce operational disruptions during startup, both old and new systems ran concurrently while the Galaxy was brought online and tested.

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