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Our Process

We use the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) to manage our projects. This disciplined, client-focused approach starts with our team gathering a detailed understanding of project objectives and potential risks. We dive deep into the project to understand all of the details that will drive implementation, such as total cost of ownership, system expansion capacity, maintenance requirements and enterprise integration requirements. Then once the solution has been designed and developed, we verify that each item has been addressed to the stakeholders’ satisfaction before closing out the project.

SDLC Process

The SDLC includes the following steps:

  • Project Kick Off – Hand off activities from the pre-contract phase to the system development phase to confirm scope and eliminate assumptions.
  • Requirements – Research, develop and review project requirements with the client.
  • Design – We prepare system architecture, software module descriptions, general arrangements, preliminary bill of materials and the I/O list, then provide them to the client for internal review and approval.
  • Development –  After the design is approved, we begin implementation which includes producing assembly drawings, software programming and fabrication activities. We also test software and hardware modules to verify individual components are working as expected before they are integrated into subsystems.
  • Factory Testing – This phase involved pre-testing, client-witnessed testing and system shipment to verify the software and hardware modules against requirements and scope.
  • Site Testing –  We test site-dependent features and system functionality to verify full operational capability against system requirements. For example, we complete installation and pre-checks to verify proper electrical services, mechanical connections and interconnection between subsystems. This helps verify operations and allows for safe commissioning and site testing activities.
  • Close Out – We finalize documentation based on as-tested results, then turn-over all system documentation to the client and conduct a final review.